The Witches Necklace

One night, Kinsey and Erika were walking at midnight at a graveyard. They heard a thump. They screamed. They saw 3 witches on their broomstick. They grabbed Kinsey and put a red glowing necklace on her. She screamed!She said, “Thank you, I guess.What is this anyway?” The witch replied, “It is a red glowing necklace.” “Well, I know that. What does it do?” replied Kinsey. She said, “If you take it off you will have 1 minute to live.” Kinsey said, “Ok, that’s kind of weird. Please let me and my friend go.” “Ok I guess.” They started walking away. Suddenly the same witch took took the necklace off of Kinsey. Kinsey was so scared. The witch started laughing and said, “I’m a good witch. I would never hurt you! It’s all a joke.” They all started laughing and walked away together.

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