The rain

First, it started to rain. Then, we got soaked. Next, we ran into the buliding. After that, the thunder and lighting lasted for hours.

Mary Ludwig Hayes

The battle of Monmouth was fought on June 1778.

In 1775, the revolution in America began.

Soldiers in battle nicknamed her.

She helped Soldiers.


She was kind.

Her husband died in battle.

Many returned to the war in 1783.

George Washington thanked Mary for her bravery in battle.


In 2017 I got to spend time with my family, and friends that live far away. I got a computer for Christmas and I ¬†got more stuff, i also slept in late, over the Christmas break. I had a grate Christmas and a good New Years, and I hoped it would snow this year but it didn’t, maybe next year it will.

Remembrance Day

Pearl Harbor is located in Hawaii on the island of O’ahu. During the time of World War ll, Hawaii was not a state, but a US territory. Before the attack World War ll had been raging in Europe and Asia for two years, but the United States had not entered the war. The attack on Pearl Harbor came as a complete surprise. There were two waves of attacks and by the end of the second wave a number of US ships were destroyed. Here are the casualties from both sides during the attack. They destroyed a lot of fighter planes and¬†aircraft at the base.

The Kid Who Ran For President

The story is about a kid that was twelve years old and hes name was Judson Moon, he joked about running for president. It turned out that he was on every social media,news,and even television. He couldn’t say he was joking now. So he had to just go along with him running for president. The question is how in the world is he going to pull this off? I like this book because it is a fiction book, and this could never happen in real life.