Colorfly directions

Pick a game piece then mix up all the cards. Then player one pick up a card do what it says on the color card. Once your done player two goes next  pick up a color card then do what it says. Then player three and four do the same thing. If you land on a space that says bonus with a arrow

Move up one  space then draw again then if you get to the square that says bonus you automatically  win. But if no one gets bonus the first one to get back to start wins. If you draw a card with a shape on it go to that shape on the board and that’s how  you play colorfly.


War of 1812

W- War was fought in 1812, between the United States and United Kingdom.

A- Attack, was the first thing U.S did to the British colony of Canada.

R- Results, were the war ended in a stalemate with neither side gaining ground.


O- On August 24,1814, British forces attack Washington D.C.

F- February 18, 1815 was when the war ended.


1- 1812, was the year of the war.

8- 8th, of January, is when the finally battle took place.

1- 1815, was when the war ended.

2- 24th, of August, was when British forces attacked Washington D.C.

Battle of Cowpens

It happend January 17, 1781, and it was located in Cowpens in South Carolina. It was important  because it helped turn the tide of the war in the south. The two  commanders of the battle were Banastre Tarleton and Daniel Morgan. The battle started because of Major Gen. One of the commanders sent a 1,000 man force under Brigadier Gen. Charles Cornwallis sent Col. Banastre Tarleton and 1,000  soldiers in Pursuit, the two forces met in battle at pastureland called Cowpens.

The rain

First, it started to rain. Then, we got soaked. Next, we ran into the buliding. After that, the thunder and lighting lasted for hours.

Mary Ludwig Hayes

The battle of Monmouth was fought on June 1778.

In 1775, the revolution in America began.

Soldiers in battle nicknamed her.

She helped Soldiers.


She was kind.

Her husband died in battle.

Many returned to the war in 1783.

George Washington thanked Mary for her bravery in battle.